FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Product support

Of course, after you receive your order, we answer your questions about the product and provide the necessary support for use.


Orders are processed and prepared to be shipped within 2-5
business days
. Delivery times may take 1-3 weeks(business days)
from the time of purchase to shipping your order worldwide unless it
is specified in the product description. Sometimes we have special
sales with priority shipping e.g. 3-8 days shipping. Shipping times
can be found in the product description on all products as well as
shipping times sometimes vary depending on the item in particular.

Fynao works with global merchants and top quality handmade
artisans in order to provide you with the best prices and the most
awesome innovative products. This means that your order is shipped
from all over the world. Our shipping methods for the majority of our
shipments are USPS and FedEx.

Because we ship directly from our partners and a lot of our products
are in high demand, your item(s) may take 1-3 weeks(business days)
to arrive. If you buy different items it is possible that you will receive
more than one package.
Please do not worry if it does not show up immediately. We provide
tracking numbers with every number as well.

24/7/365 ticket and email support is conveniently offered to you, We
are always only one email away and offer very fast response times.

Please contact us if you need assistance, we are here for you.

Our Support Email: support@fynao.com


Refer to our Return Policy here. If you need further assistance, please send
us an email at support@fynao.com

Response time

We strive to maintain one of the fastest response times on the web.
Thus far we manage to meet our best results regularly and respond to
inquiries within 1-3 hours, but we aren't always perfect so please allow
up to 24 hrs -- especially on weekends or holidays. We guarantee
awesome customer support!

Shipping Options

Free Shipping

With our Standard Free Shipping we ship within the United States & Internationally via USPS or FedEx depending on your location. Free shipping does not come with any additional order insurance or warranties on the items shipped. However, both USPS and FedEx does offer insurance on orders shipped therefore for example if your local delivery driver was to make an error with the delivery of your order. You would then need to file a claim with USPS or FedEx to be properly compensated for USPS or FedEx's mistake.

Plus Shipping

With our Plus Shipping option we ship within the United States & Internationally via USPS or FedEx depending on your location. Plus Shipping comes with our Insurance Package. With Plus shipping if something was to happen with your order during the delivery process we will then deal with the claim of your item(s) with USPS or FedEx for you and immediately tend to your loss via reshipping out your order again or refunding. Rather or not we refund or ship new items depends on the circumstances of the order and is at our discretion.

Premium Shipping

With our Premium Shipping option we ship within the United States & Internationally via USPS or FedEx depending on your location. Premium Shipping comes with our Insurance Package and 1 year warranty protection on the item(s) ordered. Our insurance package with premium shipping is the same as described with plus shipping. Our 1 year warranty protection offers you malfunction protection on all electronics in our store. If an electronic item you buy from us was to suddenly stop working within 1 year of purchase and you didn't damage the device yourself contact us ASAP and let us know what happened and we will request you send the order back to us and we will immediately send you a new item(s) at no cost.